Terms of Service

Reschedule / Cancellation Policy

If the student is requesting to reschedule the training date, please send a request to info@TacticalShepherd.com or call us at (443) 350-4808 and all reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your request.

If a course is cancelled or postponed by Tactical Shepherd, you will be offered a refund or transferred into a rescheduled course. 



Tactical Shepherd Memberships

USCCA Membership / Tactical Shepherd

USCCA Membership with Elite Benefits (presented by Delta Defense) is an added benefit of your Tactical Shepherd Membership. You will receive an email confirmation when your USCCA Membership is activated. USCCA Membership begins no later than the following week following your signup for Tactical Shepherd Membership and continues for the duration of your Tactical Shepherd Membership. Tactical Shepherd will share your personal information, including first and last name, address, phone number and email with the USCCA. You agree that your personal information will be subject to the terms and conditions of the USCCA Privacy Policy (www.uscca.com/privacy-policy) and that you will abide by the USCCA Membership Agreement (www.usccamemberterms.com). All questions regarding your USCCA Membership should be directed to USCCA Customer Engagement at 844-698-7222. Upon cancellation of your Tactical Shepherd Membership, your USCCA Membership will be canceled. A USCCA Membership cancellation notice shall be provided to you via email by the USCCA.


Tactical Shepherd Member Enrollment

Tactical Shepherd will strive to communicate and/or upload all new members to the USCCA within 72 hours, but reserves the right to use up to 5 business days. Your USCCA Membership and coverage begins at the moment of your Tactical Shepherd Membership purchase.

Within 72hrs, you will be receiving an important email from Info@TacticalShepherd.com.  This email will contain your Tactical Shepherd Member Discount Promo Code to use when you sign up for courses at TacticalShepherd.com and your Friends and Family Promo Code.

Tactical Shepherd Member Promo Codes

A "Member Only Promo Code" is strictly for that member only.  The member is not permitted to share this code or use it to enroll another student. Doing so will result in the lose of membership. Every member will be given a 15% off "Friends and Family" promo code to share with whomever they choose. The Member is not required to attend the class with someone using their Friends and Family promo code.    

Tactical Shepherd Training Courses for Members

Tactical Shepherd is a firearms training company.  Members are to book their classes through TacticalShepherd.com, but they are not guaranteed a spot in their desired training course.  For safety reasons and logistics, our training courses do have capacity limits. When a course is sold to full capacity, no one, including Tactical Shepherd Members, will be able to enroll in that particular course. Course offerings, dates, prices and training locations are at the sole discretion of Tactical Shepherd.

Tactical Shepherd's Membership Cancellation / Upgrade / Downgrade Policy

Tactical Shepherd Platinum Memberships are a revolving 18 month commitment from your membership enrollment date.  Upgrades, downgrades or cancellations can only be made two weeks prior to your renewal date without penalty. 

Tactical Shepherd Gold, Silver, or Bronze Memberships are a revolving 12 month commitment from your membership enrollment date. Upgrades, downgrades or cancellations can only be made two weeks prior to your renewal date without penalty.

How to Cancel or Upgrade or Downgrade Memberships

A cancellation request must be made either within 14 days prior to your renewal date. Platinum Memberships renew every 18 months while Gold, Silver or Bronze Memberships renew every 12 months. In order to cancel, the member should send an email, including their full name and USCCA member number, to info@TacticalShepherd.com requesting cancellation.  If a customer requests to cancel their membership before their renewal date, the member will be required to pay the balance owed between the date of request and their renewal date.

Customers may only upgrade or downgrade their membership during the same renewal dates listed above. This upgrade or downgrade must be made 14 days before their respective renewal date.  

Tactical Shepherd Benefits for Members

Tactical Shepherd member benefits can not be redeemed for monetary value or transferred to another person. Tactical Shepherd benefits are for the Member only with the exception of any special promotions or events offered by Tactical Shepherd to its members.  The active Member is entitled to Tactical Shepherd benefits for as long a Tactical Shepherd is in operation. 

Tactical Shepherd Member Verification

Anyone signing up for a course using a Tactical Shepherd Membership promo codes will be verified at registration and check-in on training day.  Any Non-Member found using an exclusive member promo code will be required to pay the remaining balance of retail listed price before participating in the class.    

Tactical Shepherd Rights

Tactical Shepherd reserves the right to remove a Member from its membership for any reason it deems necessary to include but not limited to customers attempting to allow others to use their member benefits by sharing their "member promo code."   Any changes or modification to benefits will be communicated in advance through email and updated on TacticalShepherd.com.  




Online Payment Security Policy

Tactical Shepherd conducts online credit card transactions through Active Network, LLC. The checkout process is secured by military grade encryption.



Customer Information / Privacy Policy

Customer information will never be sold. 

Any customer information, training records or documents retained by Tactical Shepherd will be secured and only accessed by authorized individuals.

Customer contact information may be used by Tactical Shepherd for direct communication with that customer.  

Please understand that during training your image may be captured by still or video photography. If you do not wish for your image to be captured for the purposes of advertising or marketing please notify Tactical Shepherd staff prior to training.  Tactical Shepherd will respect and ensure your privacy and anonymity. 



Hold Harmless / Release of Liability Waiver

  1. I (the participant) release from, waive and discharge all actions, claims, or demands that I, my assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives now have or hereafter have for damage or losses on account of injury, including permanent disability and death or damage to property, caused or alleged to be caused in
    1. whole or in part by the actions 
    2. including but not limited to active or passive negligence, defects in equipment or facility either unknown or known,
    3. or any other actions of Tactical Shepherd LLC, and its shareholders, directors, officers, owners, contractors, consultants, employees, or agents, as a result of my participation in any gun-related activities.
  2. I hereby agree and covenant to save and hold harmless, indemnify, and defend any claim against Tactical Shepherd LLC and its shareholders, directors, officers, owners, contractors, consultants, employees or agents, as a result of my participation in any training / firearm-related activity on or off the premises.
  3. I hereby agree and covenant to save and hold harmless, indemnify, and defend any claim against Tactical Shepherd LLC and its shareholders, directors, officers, owners, contractors, consultants, employees or agents, arising out of my use of the firing range, facility, equipment or participation in any drill or exercise on or off the premises.
  4. Agree to comply with all Maryland State laws regarding the use and possession of firearms.
  5. I agree not to intentionally, unintentionally, or maliciously defame Tactical Shepherd, employees or affiliates in person, in writing, social media, or other internet sites by authoring material that would reflect negatively on Tactical Shepherd, employees or any affiliates.