Application Help

Completing the HQL Application

ATTENTION!!!  Please read this HQL Application page in its entirety before starting.  Go step by step and do not jump ahead of the instructions.  I will not be able to assist you as I cannot see your application online on the secured Maryland State Police website  

(NOTE: Maryland State Police website format is different on mobile device) 

1. Go to- 

(Be 100% certain you are using this URL, do NOT Google Maryland HQL application) 

2. Under “Citizen Services” click on Licensing Division.

3. From Licensing Division page, scroll down to what appears to be a “Red Pill” and select “click here”.

4. From the Online Services Login Page, create an account and follow the steps listed.

5. Once logged in, you will be on the Licensing Home Page, click on “initial application” under menu.

- For Program select “Firearms Services”

- License Type select “HQL Standard”

- For Application Method select “Application”

- Select “Start Application”


To do:

 - Demographics: Complete as appropriate

- Prerequisites: You will need the HQL Instructor number found on your certificate and your Livescan fingerprint control # also known as your PCN . Select "Qualified Handgun Instructor" then click on Mel Adam and select "Complete"

- Questions: Complete as appropriate


Supporting documents: None required

Click on “Finish”

- Supporting documents: None Required

- Click "Pay Fees"



You must have your Livescan fingerprints completed before you fill out the HQL application.

You should complete/submit your HQL application within 30 days of having your Livescan completed.

When you submit your HQL application, I will be sent an email by the State to confirm/respond that you attended the HQL class.