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Training Course Overview

(All of our instructors will exceed your expectations. Tactical Shepherd uses career law enforcement firearm instructors that have trained students from the recruit level to seasoned veterans. Decades upon decades of real world military, law enforcement and special operations experience. We are more than a great Gun Shop, we are the #1 training facility in this region. We encourage you to read our reviews on Google and Facebook)

Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL)
$89.00 (4hrs)

This is the Maryland required course to obtain a Handgun Qualification License (HQL) to purchase a handgun in the State of Maryland. Understand firearms manipulation, home defensive tactics, unloading, loading, malfunction drills, weapon's maintenance and so much more.

Maryland Wear and Carry Permit
$350 (16hrs / 2 days)

Wear and Carry Permit training features a total of 16 hours of instruction (over a 2 consecutive day period) for an original application.Maryland has strict guidelines for qualifying for your Wear and Carry Permit, but you may be eligible. (know accepted qualifiers are Business Owner, Top Secret Clearance, Realtor, Church Security & More) If you are in need of a Maryland Wear and Carry Permit RENEWAL, Level 1 Pistol meets the requirements.

Level 1 Pistol
$175 (7 hour)

This seven hour course is designed as a continuation of the HQL class that gives the student an opportunity to shoot their own handgun on a controlled range with experienced instructors. This course will teach the fundamentals of marksmanship, weapons manipulation, malfunction drills, basic use of angles, weapons maintenance and various marksmanship drills. (This course meets the requirements for you MD Wear & Carry Renewal)

Utah Concealed Carry Permit
$100 (4hrs)

Utah Concealed Firearms Permits (CFP) are issued to residents and non-residents who are 21 or older, have completed a firearms training course and meet other criteria. The permit is valid in over 30 States to include Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia (Does not include Maryland). Application, Fingerprinting and Photographs are completed during class.

Basic Combat AR Course
$250 (8hrs)

The Basic Combat AR / M4 Carbine Course is focused on improving your performance with your AR-15 / M4 weapon system. This eight hour course is designed to be both instructional and challenging for entry and intermediate level shooters. This specialized training focuses on proficiency improvement, weapon manipulation, rapid target acquisition, multiple target engagement, tactical body positioning, footwork and movement.

Ladies Defensive Tactics
$95 (4hrs)

Students will receive training in various defensive techniques and understanding situational awareness. Then students will engage in simulated altercations to learn how to thwart attacks effectively. This is a "hands on" training course.

Intro to Precision Rifle
$299 (8hrs)

This intense course is taught by professional law enforcement snipers. The student will learn and understand the basics and then advance to wind formulations, DOPE, MOA vs MIL angular measurements

Precision Rifle
$400 (16hrs / 2 days)

Join our law enforcement sniper instructors and prepare for a challenge. Grab your tent, gear, and brace yourself for a truly incredible outdoors adventure. An awesome camping, rifle training experience in the breathtaking mountains of West Virginia. Ring some steel at a half mile away in the beautiful mountains of wild, wonderful West Virginia.