Women's Defensive Tactics:  02/24/23  5:30-9:30 PM

Women's Defensive Tactics: 02/24/23 5:30-9:30 PM

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This course 4 hour course is specifically designed for women and young women (16 and up) on how to react in the event of a criminal attack. We operate under the "crawl, walk , run" methodology of training to insure every student is not extended beyond their capabilities. Students will first be trained and then engaged in simulated altercations to learn how to thwart attacks and protect both themselves and loved ones should the need arise.

  • You will be participating in simulated fight scenarios during segments of this training
  • It is recommended that you attend this class with a partner to pair up with during drills
  • What to bring to class: Drinking water, Gym style clothing (Preferably long pants),  Athletic style shoes

Cost: $100

(All minors must be accompanied by a paid adult) 

Let our many years of Military and Law Enforcement experience be the difference for you and your family!

DO NOT bring any weapons to this class